Other Set was started in 2017,  by Andy Whittaker (Dogwoof Founder) and Elaine Wong.

We believe in the future of Indie VR, and see a growing market for distinctive storytelling in VR/AR.

Other Set identify, work with and back the leading creators working in VR and AR. We come on board projects at Development stage, providing finance, and for completed works providing Exhibition and Distribution.  

Our first acquisition at the Sundance Film Festival, was the interactive, virtual reality documentary, ZIKR: A SUFI REVIVAL. Executive produced by Reza Aslan, produced by Jennifer Tiexiera, and created with support from Sensorium, Superbright, and Tomorrow Never Knows.  See the Rolling Stone magazine feature on "Sundance Film Festival and the Rise of Indie VR."

You will find us at all major Film Festivals and VR conferences. Based out of UK, Luxembourg and USA. 

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